Two Ads I Would Pay Not to Have Seen

Am housebound for a few days, and am watching a marathon of Cake Boss on TLC, but this post isn't about that.  (Ok, I'll say Buddy and crew are more talented than the Ace of Cakes clan but the production values of the show suck ~ way too much fake scripting.  Now on to the ads...)

TLC has a very small number of ads, repeating endlessly.  In addition to the summer show promotions for the channel, there are two that are really on my damn nerves, hence, you're reading about it (unless you've had enough with this warning).

1. Shark Nicorette Ad: Dude on a dock is so obsessed with his cig habit that he doesn't notice when a shark leaps from the water to eat his arm.  Now there's no blood pouring from his gnawed limb, and I get the joke, but he's flipping out when he finally realizes the shark is eating him and starts screaming and punching it and I hate it.  Apparently others don't, hence my ability to provide you the link to the ad on youtube.

2. Pertussis Vaccine Ad:  Young, thin, maybe Hispanic mom and her baby in an ad telling moms to get the pertussis vaccine so their babies don't get sick and maybe die.  Now if your baby is already vaccinated, I don't get the point in the first place, but also the sound of a hacking, pitiful coughing baby in the background is more than I want to watch.  It's just excessive and I loathe that kind of emotional manipulation and scare tactic.

Now back to Cake Boss and the Sesame Street cake!  (Mmmmmm, I want cake and not bad ads.)


Vexed_ said...

I have not seen the second ad.
The first I want to know who thinks we are that stupid.

Seriously I live with and have lived with smokers like 98% of my life , I am not one and I am insulted by that ad.

Anonymous said...

The Nicorette ad is just flat out stupid. Almost as insulting is the psa running for this group that helps folks quit smoking, where the guy is driving his forklift around like a bull in a china shop (actually the statuary section of a garden center) because he supposedly has to relearn how to drive his forklift without a cigarette in his mouth.

The second ad sounds frightening. It's unfair to do that to parents. Imagine an ad campaign encouraging parents to put their babies on their backs to sleep to help prevent SIDS, that had a the sudden silence of a baby who stops breathing... Yeah, this ad is just as bad, in my not-so-humble-opinion.