I'm totally hooked on CATMAN.  Join me!  Check him out here at CrunchyRoll.  CATMAN comes in little five-minute episode nuggets with hints of Ralph Bakshi or Heavy Metal, some of the BS machismo and sexism of HM, too.  But it's less grotesque and oversexualized and goes more for the fxxked-up desire for a kind of aimlessness the CATMAN wants to call "freedom" when it's mostly about being hopelessly lost with no sense of self, meaning, purpose, or concept of love or happiness.  CATMAN's a lanky hip-looking 3-fingered cat dude who leaps from building to building, smokes, drinks, bowls, and has primary dialogue consisting of "Whaaaaa?" and "Fxxx" (those letters used in the subtitles from original Japanese, but there's no voiceover for dialogue, so I imagine it's subbed in the original, too.  I saw the word "kudaranee" in hiragana translated as "Fxxxd" in the preview for the third "season," and kudaranai is like "fuck up."  So the Japanese spell it out it seems, but it's all xxx'd up in the subtitles.]  It's compelling viewing, especially in episodes like #1 where he shoots down the sun, or those where he doesn't kill a canary or wakes up on the top of a fast-moving train.

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