Poignant Potshot at the Prez

Dubya sez,

"I understand the anguish that some feel about the death that takes place."

So glad he understands. And thinks "long and hard" about others' grief and arguments about getting out of the incredible mess we've made of Iraq and tens of thousands of lost lives (1800+ American soldiers; 23500+ civilians) in order to reap its oil riches.

Remarkable that he chooses this wording: it seems to me a direct admission that he himself does not feel anguish--or much of anything at all. Just knows that "some" have feelings. Some suffer. But not Dubya. Nothing touches him: why feel anything at all but smugness, even when your popularity is in the dumpster? After all, so many will cozy right up again if oil prices just go down a tad or if he shuts up about social security. And, lest we forget, 45% recently polled still support this president.

Quick: somebody find me a half-full cup, I'm choking!

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Stavner said...

I think Bush isn't just stupid, he's actively EVIL.

I hope the Dems win this year....