My favorite Christmas Season Miracle Picture

Hey Kids!

The Catholic Church (NY Archdiocese)

has released a new coloring book

that will miraculously solve

all the predatory priest problems,

just in time for Christmas!

But is it just me...

or does that priest

look rather perverse?

like he's just done something naughty

with that angel in the doorway

to make her smile extra brightly?*

* Wow, I actually think this image shows the Church's true plan. It's not breaking your priestly vows if you shag an angel! A perfect solution for all, from mentally ill priests to innocent little boys to the hardest hit of all, those embarrassed archbishops and their boss!

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Elyce Rae Helford said...

P.S. I also agree with friends who note that the angel in the doorway looks like Little Annie Fanny's best friend (a.k.a. a Playboy cartoon image).